About Us

Hi! My name is Stefani. I am the ST in STaSH Signs and Such. Thank you for visiting our website! My husband, Darren, and I recently celebrated our 25th anniversary and are the proud parents of three awesome sons! I was fortunate to be able to be a home schooling mom for all of them and am proud to say they are all Eagle Scouts. Being an active part of their growth has been amazing. Organization and a good sense of humor has been the key to making this beautiful life happen. Now that they are older and making their own way in the world, I love being able to use my free time to work along side my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, creating beautiful decor to enhance the homes and lives of others. I hope you enjoy displaying our creations as much as enjoy making them!

-Stefani Schollmeyer


Hello. My name is Shirley. I am the SH in STaSH Signs & Such. Thank you for visiting our website. I am a mother of five very accomplished children who are my proudest accomplishment. While they were growing up I was fortunate enough to spend some of their younger years at home. But as it would be, I couldn’t stay still. I spent many hours at their school helping in the classroom, serving as the PTA President, Soccer coach, and Cub Scout den leader.

Once in the corporate world I worked as an administrative assistant in ASU athletics and a catering assistant for Marriott on campus for athletic events, concerts and any other occasion for a celebration.

I have been a licensed real estate agent with West USA Realty for the past 28 years. Actually while selling you items to decorate your home, I can also assist you in finding that home to fill if you’re in need.

My long journey has led me to incorporating my passion of crafting and decorating for everyday living with creating items to help others grace their own homes. Our home is full of decorator items that have a message. Sometimes just seeing the right words can set the tone for the day. A sign might remind you to “Make it a Great Day” or don’t forget to say “I Love You.” Signs may blend in with your decor, but sometimes stand out at just the right moment to remind you of your many blessings.

Another very important part of our team is my daughter Holly. She is not only my daughter, but my friend and biggest supporter. She has been a registered nurse for 36 years working the floor, ICU, the Emergency room, a school nurse and currently works in Orthopedics as a night nurse. I am so proud of her. She has always had a love for the little things building beautiful doll houses, miniature rooms and ornaments. She is the inspiration behind many of the scenes you will see in our shadow boxes, and an indispensable asset to the company.

Thank you again for visiting. My daughter-in-law, Stefani, Holly, and I hope you find just the right item to adorn your home and just the right message to fill your life here at STaSH Signs & Such.

Shirley Schollmeyer