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USA, 6x2" Decorated Wood Block Set

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"USA" & Heart flag image ~6x2x2" double-sided message block set

Celebrate America and all things patriotic with this painted wood block set!

With a red, a white, and a blue block, this double-sided message block set has "USA" in white and red lettering on one side and a blue heart flag on the other. Red, white, and blue ribbon with white stars is wrapped around the sides and tied in a simple knot on top. The small size makes this double-sided message block the perfect accessory for any space.



This 6x2x2" wood block set is made with three blocks glued together.

The individual blocks are painted with acrylic latex paint; one red, one white, and one blue.

The message lettering and the are white and red heat transfer vinyl and the heart flag is blue heat transfer vinyl.

The red, white, and blue ribbon with stars is 5/8"